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Mariano Pascual v.88

illustrator, visual artist and designer
from Argentina, based in Barcelona.

Focused on design and illustration, his work is characterized by being bold, playful, ironic interpreting shapes through vibrant colors that becomes patterns, textures and compositions. Mixing abstract and figurative elements with geometry and organic structures in a minimal and precise way, he creates scenes that escape reality through fantasy and mystery.

He translates this imaginary universe into a visual language for music producers and labels, editorial projects,  brands and collaborations with studios and festivals.

Selected clients and collabs.: DIE ZEIT, The Huffington Post, Pentagram NYC, Winkcreative, AOL, Discotexas, It’s Nice That, Rosebud Inc., AXOO agency, OFFF Festival and exposed his work in various galleries in Spain. 

Selected Press

It's Nice That/ Booooooom/ Metal/ Computer Arts/ Lamono/ Fubiz/ Joia/ Staf Magazine/ XOXO The Mag/ Artwort/ Design Playground Italy/ Phenomenon/ NSSMag/ Archive Collective/ La Monda


‘Plastic Thoughts’ solo show
at Miscelánea Gallery - Barcelona (2018)

‘F*Art Exhibition’
at Teamlabs - Madrid (2017)

at Vasava - Barcelona (2017)

‘36 days of type exhibition’
at LAD Fest - Lima, Perú (2017)

‘Arty Party, Geometry edition’
at StudioStore - Barcelona (2016)

‘Creative Process Exhibition’
at Galería Lucía Mendoza - Madrid (2015)



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